Funeral Home

Kennedy’s Funeral Home has been providing the convenience and comfort of a funeral home to the local community since 1864. In that time our funeral home has gone through numerous refurbishments and changes. Throughout these changes, we’ve allowed our company ethos, (professionalism, sensitivity and respect) to guide our refurbishments and design choices.
Our funeral home is conveniently located in the centre of Ennis, Clare. Our central location is close to both Ennis Cathedral and St. Joseph’s Church.
For families interested in a more private viewing, we also have a private viewing room available.

For more information on our funeral home, we invite you to get in contact with us. We're available by phone at all times.

Our Funeral Home

Our funeral home has been the base of our operations since 1864. In its long illustrious history, our funeral home has become one of the most recognisable property fronts in Ennis.
As a family business that’s currently in its fifth generation, Kennedy’s Funeral Home has deep roots in the Ennis community. As such we feel our funeral home provides comforting familiar surroundings, to families in their time of grieve. We offer a familiar and traditional funeral service, tailored towards the needs of the residents of the Ennis community.

If you’d like to organise a viewing of our funeral home, we invite you to organise a time with us today.