Cost of a Funeral

1: Funeral Home Fees

This includes the chosen coffin, hearse hire, funeral home, staff, embalming and preparation of the deceased and our professional fee for handling and organising all necessary funeral arrangements required by the deceased’s family

2: Disbursements

These are payments made by the funeral home on behalf of the deceased’s family to third parties, such items as church fees, cremations fees, grave fees and any other requirements. These costs are in addition to the funeral home fees.

Payment options for families of deceased:

Deceased’s Bank Account: Families can access funds for the funeral expenses in the deceased persons bank account by presenting the bank with a funeral account and a death certificate.

Deceased’s Credit Union Account: Contacting the deceased person’s credit union to see if they are entitled to a contribution towards funeral expenses. The credit union would require the funeral account and a death certificate.

Special Assistance: If you are claiming any kind of social welfare, you may be entitled to a grant from the Department of Social protection towards the funeral expenses. The Department would require the funeral account and a death certificate.

Payment options: The funeral can be paid be by online banking, cheque, bank draft, cash or card.