Welcome to Kennedy’s Funeral Home

Kennedy’s Funeral Home provides professional funerals to families all around the Ennis area.
We’ve been a main stay of the local community for over 150 years. Our longevity is based on our commitment to providing families with respectful, professionally organised funerals.

We understand that the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time for the dearly bereaved and as such we take care of all aspects of the funeral, thus allowing family members to concentrate of their grief. We ensure families a respectful, dignified funeral service that is conducted at all times with the upmost care and sensitivity.

If you require any more information on our funeral services, we invite you to get in contact with Kennedy’s Funeral Home

funeral planing

Funeral Planning

We plan every aspect of a funeral allowing a family to concentrate on saying farewell to their departed loved one. With over 150 years providing our services to the local community, Kennedy’s Funeral Home has developed a reputation for our sensitivity, professionalism and family-focused approach.

funeral home

Funeral Home

Our funeral home contains the main repose room for public viewings along with a secondary private room for those families who request it. Our funeral home also contains a showroom where families can view our selection of coffins. All our coffins are made from high-quality raw materials and are available in a range of different finishes.

Death Notices

Death notices can be found on RIP.com which features up-to-date notices that caters to all of Ireland. For residents of Ennis and the surrounding Clare area, please visit Clare.fm. Clare Fm provides death notices to those within the local area. The links for both these sites are displayed below:

RIP.ie: https://rip.ie/
Clare.FM: http://www.clare.fm/obituaries/